Tropical Cabana Restaurant Review

Tropical Cabana Restaurant in Orlando, Florida Review

Review by Rich Lopez

While Orlando Florida has many jewels to find, we wanted a specific kind of diamond in the rough. We were in search of a good Spanish restaurant to eat at and found Tropical Restaurant. It’s located in an industrial part of town but the aroma of this place will lure you in. The outside is a little misleading but don’t let that deter you. Warning, this is not your average restaurant. The food will knock your socks off and the service will make you feel at home. The owners are way too cool and when it comes to football and Super Bowl, they don’t play around. Ronnie, the owner, will make sure you are genuinely happy and taken cared of. Quick tip, if you’re visiting in the nearby hotels, close by you have this wonderful place to get good homemade grub. Make sure you add this place to your, “need to go once a month,” list.

Chicharron Chicken With Rice And Beans And Marudos

The prices are great for the quality food you receive here. The food and drinks taste so local. It will remind you of mama back at home. The food all the way down to the hot sauce is amazing. They have a variety of selections, hot bar style like in a cafeteria. When my wife and I tried this place we had the roasted pork, chicken, beans, and sweet plantains. I’m not too fond of plantains but this place changed my view on them. The roasted pork was made to perfection! I had to ask our waiter if grandma was in the back because it was that good! We shared that and some flan for dessert and our bellies were so full of happiness. Next time we are sure to try the Cuban Sandwich. They provide you with more than enough food for a great price. We probably only paid twenty dollars in total for a drink and out meals. Amazing isn’t it?

The staff is so friendly, you will leave the place and say goodbye like its family. When we arrived they humbly greeted us and seated us. Our server introduced herself politely and of course made sure we had something to wet our willy. Then cam back to make some innocent chit chat and see where we were from and if we’ve ever eaten there before. And what a great help she was! She let us know what the popular items were on the menu and even suggested to us some of her ultimate favorites.

Tropical Cabana Restaurant Orlando, Florida Review

If you are in need of Spanish/Cuban food fix, look no further. I’m absolutely sure this place will put your crave monster to rest. Just make sure you get your fix of Tropical Restaurant at least once a month or else the monster in your belly will be very upset. It may not look like much but trust and believe this is an absolute gold mine. It’s more than just good food and phenomenal service. It’s the experience and they top this expectation every single time we come. But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself.

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