Mosaic Hair Studio & Blowout Bar Review

Mosaic Hair Studio & Blowout Bar Orlando, Florida

In the beautiful Orlando, Florida resides a perfect little hair studio in a beautiful location. It’s not too overbearing, but I’m sure you won’t be able to miss the signs out front.

With the recent extension of Refresh, is another cute little house open for massage, skin care, and waxing. I can say now, they offer everything a woman needs. These two locations are a woman’s dream come true. With their superb quality of service, personable services, and just a legitimate passion for the industry, you can do nothing else but love the staff and Mosaic Hair Studio.

I had a hard time locking myself down to one salon or person of that matter. I’m sure its the same for men as it is for women, but finding a location and the right person to “get you” and understand what you like or expect in a haircut, color, trim, wax, etc. is difficult and seemingly impossible.

Mosaic Hair Studio & Blowout Bar Orlando, Florida

The outside caught my attention immediately. I thought, “how cute is this place…” They had two little houses being used as a salon and spa, and it was beautifully decorated and well kept. After checking in I scoped the place out. From the looks of things, it was spotless, the staff was uber friendly, and the vibes just radiated the place. I kind of liked it…A lot.

Kim took care of me. She was a gorgeous girl with black hair. Of course, we started off with the “what are we looking to do today,” conversation but from there, was a downhill rolling the ball of greatness that just got better and better, the bigger it grew.

Mosaic Hair Studio & Blowout Bar Orlando, Florida Review

Orlando Review: Mosaic Hair Studio & Blowout Bar

We talked and she got a feel for what I wanted. Here is usually where other stylists get caught up. You, the client, sits in the chair, quietly sitting in despair as your stylist totally annihilates your hair and you try to be a big girl about it and take it like a champ. We all have been in that situation, right? But not at Mosaic. All throughout the time she was doing my hair, she made sure to ask. Is the cut here, good? Do you feel comfortable with this color? Do you like this? And it was ultimately a lovely experience.

Coming to Mosaic was a beautiful mistake. What really got me, was Kim did an amazing job. The service and the vibe throughout the salon, no joke, lovely to be around. It feels professional but also comfortable and laid back. I loved my hair walking out of that salon, and I honestly couldn’t wait to come back and be pampered again. I have found my stylist and finally, my salon.

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