The Dinner Party Project Orlando Review

The Dinner Party Project In Orlando Review

Dinner time is when we usually catch up with our families and talk about how our day went. After a long and stressful day, we usually look forward to dinner because that is when we get to relax and chat with people close to us while enjoying delicious food. Dining with loved ones is always a wonderful experience, but have you ever thought about sharing a meal with complete strangers? If you are new to this concept, read on to know more about The Dinner Party Project.

The Dinner Party Project is the brainchild of Dana Marie Roquemore, who is a stylist and closet consultant. She has lived in Orlando since 2000 and has founded and popularized several events in Central Florida. She started The Dinner Party Project because she believes that when random strangers meet and share a great meal, something magical can happen.  Continue reading The Dinner Party Project Orlando Review

Dixie Dharma Restaurant Review

Dixie Dharma Restaurant Orlando Review

One of the challenges of being vegan is the difficulty of finding a good place to eat. Fortunately, there is a place in Orlando, Florida which serves 100% vegan and Southern inspired food and delicacies. Dixe Dharma is well known for their high quality comfort food. Not only that, they also use sustainable and delicious ingredients, which is why if you look at any Dixie Dharma restaurant review online, you will read a lot of positive testimonials about them.

“We went to eat there everytime we had a mobile auto repair job around the area. Great fresh, healthy, and organic dishes!”

Dixie Dharma is a full service restaurant that is open from Monday to Saturday starting at 11 AM up to 10 PM. They are also open on Sunday from 11 AM to 4 PM. It is located at Market on South, which is a deli-café with a Bohemian vibe. Market on South is a restaurant, a bakery, and a bar, which also has a vegan commissary kitchen and shared kitchen for local producers. Aside from Dixie Dharma, which offers savory food, it also hosts Valhalla Bakery, which offers sweets and desserts.   Continue reading Dixie Dharma Restaurant Review