Dixie Dharma Restaurant Review

Dixie Dharma Restaurant Orlando Review

One of the challenges of being vegan is the difficulty of finding a good place to eat. Fortunately, there is a place in Orlando, Florida which serves 100% vegan and Southern inspired food and delicacies. Dixe Dharma is well known for their high quality comfort food. Not only that, they also use sustainable and delicious ingredients, which is why if you look at any Dixie Dharma restaurant review online, you will read a lot of positive testimonials about them.

“We went to eat there everytime we had a mobile auto repair job around the area. Great fresh, healthy, and organic dishes!”

Dixie Dharma is a full service restaurant that is open from Monday to Saturday starting at 11 AM up to 10 PM. They are also open on Sunday from 11 AM to 4 PM. It is located at Market on South, which is a deli-café with a Bohemian vibe. Market on South is a restaurant, a bakery, and a bar, which also has a vegan commissary kitchen and shared kitchen for local producers. Aside from Dixie Dharma, which offers savory food, it also hosts Valhalla Bakery, which offers sweets and desserts.  

As mentioned, one of the great things about Dixie Dharma is that they only use wholesome and local ingredients. They serve American cuisine, and the dishes are mostly organic and best of all, affordable.

Dixie Dharma Menu

To start off a great meal, Dixie Dharma offers two kinds of salads: the Wild Ranch Salad and the Hail Kale Salad. The Wild Ranch Salad has baby spinach, cucumber, celery ribbons, pickled shallot, kalamata olives, and naan croutons. It is dressed with beet vinaigrette, ranch dressing, and chili flakes.

If you love kale, then you should try the Hail Kale Salad which consists of baby kale blend, blackened corn, pickled watermelon rind, red onions, naan croutons, with dharma dressing which is garlic tahini.

You also have the option to add toppings to your salad and you can choose from tempeh bacon, bb jackfruit, or fried green tomato.

They also have appetizers such as Tiki Takos which is basically bbq jackfruit or smoked tempeh with purple kraut, pineapple salsa and coconut cream in a crisp corn shell. Another version of tacos is their Nopales Tacos, which has jackfruit carnitas, smoked nopales cactus, blackened corn, onions, chili lime aioli, and pink pickled radish on a soft grilled corn shell.

For a full meal, Dixie Dharma also has delicious combo meals to choose from. The Orangebird is Florida orange bbq sloppy joe and creamy house slaw, open faced on a toasted potato bun spread with slow roasted garlic.

There is also the Carolina BBQ Pulled Jackfruit which has crispy fried onions, garlic pickle, arugula, preserved, lemon, and Coca Cola reduction on Texas toast.

The Florida Fried Green Tomato consists of thickly sliced green tomatoes that are breaded and deep fried. Then, it is combined with smoked eggplant remoulade, garlicky kale, and chow chow on Texas toast.

The Heirloom TLT is Texas toast with heirloom tomatoes, arugula, smoked tempeh bacon, and lemon mayo.Then, there is the Moghul Chili Dawgs, which are not-dogs in pretzel buns, smothered with Indian spiced chili and cheese sauce, blackened onion, scallions, and za’taar spice.

Dixie Dharma’s side dishes include Cajun boiled peanuts, tater salad, braised collards, baked mac and cheese, crispy brussels, and cheesy homies.

Aside from serving fresh, healthy, and delicious vegan food, Dixie Dharma is a family friendly restaurant so expect them to have menu offerings that your kids will surely love. The restaurant also has highchairs for kids and an outdoor seating area if you prefer alfresco dining.


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