The Dinner Party Project Orlando Review

The Dinner Party Project In Orlando Review

Dinner time is when we usually catch up with our families and talk about how our day went. After a long and stressful day, we usually look forward to dinner because that is when we get to relax and chat with people close to us while enjoying delicious food. Dining with loved ones is always a wonderful experience, but have you ever thought about sharing a meal with complete strangers? If you are new to this concept, read on to know more about The Dinner Party Project.

The Dinner Party Project is the brainchild of Dana Marie Roquemore, who is a stylist and closet consultant. She has lived in Orlando since 2000 and has founded and popularized several events in Central Florida. She started The Dinner Party Project because she believes that when random strangers meet and share a great meal, something magical can happen. 

Basically, The Dinner Party Project involves seven strangers who sit around a dinner table in a converted warehouse space, where they will be served good food and wine. Some people may not like the idea of dining with strangers, but if you think about it, it is actually an exciting opportunity to meet other people in the community. It is a great way to enjoy nice food  and have interesting conversations with people you do not know.

Anyone can be part of the Dinner Party Project. You can join whether you have been living in Orlando all your life or you have just moved to the area and are interested in making new friends. What is important is that you are open to the idea of sitting in with strangers and spending a couple of hours or even more, just eating and talking about anything under the sun.

If you are interested to take part in this exciting event, first, you need to sign up and send an email to  Once you have signed up, your name will be included in the lottery where names will be randomly selected for future dinners.

In case you are chosen to participate, you will receive an invitation via email. You need to confirm your seat at the table by settling the payment for your dinner. You can choose the amount on the sliding scale of $50 to $90 per person.

Once you have settled the payment, you just need to wait for the details of the event and ready yourself for a unique dinner party experience.

There may be a lot of great restaurants in Orlando that you can dine in and nothing also beats a nice dinner at home with the family, but it would not hurt to try something new once in a while. If you are looking for something different, sign up. Joining The Dinner Party Project is a wonderful opportunity to meet equally wonderful people that you may not be able to meet if you stick to your daily routine.


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